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Texas, Eyebrows & the Magic of Presence


The magic of presence.

Last week I spent seven days in a creepy Holiday Inn and learned the art of permanent cosmetics.

(I stopped crying about the huge cockroach when I saw the hotel offered complimentary ‘happy hour’ with red wine that tasted like church communion wine. Not bad!)

Permanent cosmetics? What?! Aren’t you a coach and getting ready to launch a book?

Yes! But I’ve also been doing eyebrows on the side for the last 12 years. Totally serious.

I love it! It feels like my art since I can’t draw, sing, dance, paint, or play any instruments.

52 hours and 13 women later, I was obsessed! Watching the transformation, especially the women who had completely lost their eyebrows, was the best. Seeing how beautiful they felt after our work was even better.

More on that another time…

This post isn’t about beauty or permanent cosmetics; it’s about the magic of presence.

I was totally present every day – partly because of the concentration it takes to do permanent cosmetics (you definitely don’t want to mess up!), and partly because of the long hours.

When I wasn’t training, I was having dinner with the girls, stalking the ‘happy hour’ guy in the hotel lobby, or resting for the next day and praying that no bugs crawl into my bed.

The entire week, I only checked email a few times and my phone was almost always put away. I didn’t worry about the next week, push to meet deadlines or try too hard.

When I finally checked my inbox and phone, I had a few unexpected surprises –

  • Two new clients.
  • Email from my editor with great feedback on the final draft of my book.
  • A realtor ready to get me into my next home.
  • My friend offering her adorable Chicago place for three weeks in December.

Life is always working for us behind the scenes.

So many of my girlfriends have left for a month to Europe, or ditched work for a beach day and ended up with more business and opportunities.

My friend, Heather Pierce, was forced to stop working because of a back injury and this was her experience:

“And the craziest thing happened – I had more money come in that month than any other month so far that year.”

I was so happy for my friends, but quickly got back to work. There was no way that I could do the same.

Then it happened to me! They were right.

Last week I learned:

1. I don’t have to work so hard and worrying is total waste of time. It makes things harder and interferes with what life already has planned.

2. Presence is magic.

3. I really should spend more time doing things that feel creative. This was something else that I’ve been told to do a million times and ignored.

Have you ever experienced an increase in any part of your life when you were totally present or stopped trying so hard? Leave a comment below.

(Do you like the taste of communion wine?)

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8 responses to “Texas, Eyebrows & the Magic of Presence”

  1. Laura Yamin says:

    Ugh to communion wine- it just reminds me of my 12 years in catholic school.

    I know completely what you mean regarding our presence and what happens when we just trust.

    I forget how much money, opportunities I can create if I just let them be. If I focus on just showing up and taking care of me then the rest falls into place. We are being taken cared for no matter what.

    I love it that you have this side passion/gig/art. It’s amazing :)

  2. Karie Hill says:

    Haha! I know, right? It’s not too bad though. I’m going to go back to my old church for Sunday morning cocktails. Girl, we always talk about this presence stuff but it’s so cool when you actually experience. Thanks for the comment! xo

  3. LaceFace says:

    Lawdy, ladwy Karie. This is JUST what I needed to read, hear, feel right now. I appreciate your experience and love the connections, as well as all of your fabulous news – congrats! I’m learning from you and it’s so awesome you’re sharing with us. K.I.M.(rap song reference – lol)

    You give sound advice and make me feel like “Gurrrrl, who you tellin?! Be present damn it :)

    • Karie says:

      Ha! You crack me up. Good to hear from you over here and so glad you liked the post. Now go practice presence! Ditch your phone and email for a few hours. xo

  4. Stephanie says:

    I love this, Karie!! I’m so happy for you too :) I can totally relate…just now, 5 years after being my own boss, am I starting to relax when I’m “not busy” and take more free time as a blessing instead of a curse!! Thank you!!

  5. Karie Hill says:

    Why the heck do we do that? I’m so glad you are starting to relax and take more free time, too. Isn’t freedom part of why we started a business in the first place? Thanks for the comment, girl! See you tomorrow. :-)

  6. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for this post. First of all, I have always said that nobody has better communion wine than the Catholic church. I don’t know why. What do they use? Manichewitz??

    Secondly, I appreciate you reminding me that vacations, unplugging and downtime are necessary. My spirit has revealed this to me, and as a result, I barely check my phone throughout the day, especially when I am with someone else, because it’s important to me that they have my full attention. But lately I’ve been getting a lot of criticism for it and feeling guilty that I’m not answering calls and texts when people need me. I’m also hearing lots of messages about having to work hard for what you want which is not what I believe. Although I value committment and focus on whatever project you are working on, I don’t believe I have to sacrifice my health and joy for “success.” That is counterintuitive to me and I thank you for validating my feelings.

    Congrats to you for reaping the benefits of your wisdom. Cheers!

  7. Karie says:

    Stephanie – that’s so interesting that people are giving you a hard time about not responding to your phone right away. I say keep doing it! Maybe they’ll be less attached to theirs, too. Thanks for you beautiful comment. I loved reading it! xo

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